Redeemable gold-backed token



xbullion is the world's first institutional grade gold bullion blockchain allowing for direct transfer, from one party to another, without going through a financial institution or intermediary.  


xbullion is redeemable for physical gold bullion, available globally, through our network of insured and secure couriers.  


Vaulted, insured and audited



The vault has been constructed underground within sandstone, allowing no direct access for any perimeter breach. All gold bullion located in the vault is insured in the event of theft, damage, or fire, offering clients absolute financial security around their holdings.   

Comprehensively audited through reputable accounting firm BDO, xbullion has allocated serial numbers and audit reports are available for international investors. 

Higher returns, easily tradeable



Liquidity is available at spot competitive prices saving investors up to 112bp. 

xbullion is fractionalised in real time, helping institutions and marketplaces hedge positions without the need to trade futures or incur traditional costs. 

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