Cryptocurrency Baskets

Top 5


While Bitcoin remains as the dominant cryptocurrency, and continues to be the predominant currency to trade other crypto assets within the industry, we are also seeing huge development within other assets.

Despite Bitcoin’s exponential price increases year on year as demand steadily rises, it’s market dominance has fallen as a % of total industry market capitalization Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are rival currencies which are both seeing huge development in terms of retail adaptability and accordingly are trading in the Top 5. The top 5 basket holds 20% of its value equally among the Top 5 cryptocurrencies at the time of issue



We continue to see the industry evolve as the blockchain is constantly developing through various industries aside from currency itself. We have seen blockchain developments through tokenised assets, stock markets, exchanges, identification, medical and health platforms, social networks, and a vast array of industries. 

Every coin and/or token that is developed needs a platform. Platforms are the underlying blockchains themselves which industry tokens are developed on. Platforms could be best compared to operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS, and software developed on them. As software requires a Windows or iOS to be built on and run, a cryptocurrency coin and/or token requires a Platform to run.

Platforms continue to develop, in the same way operating systems have. Recently we have seen huge advancements in speed, ability to process transactions per second, and cost of transfer. Market leaders such as EOS and IOTA continue to make improvements within this space and are also experiencing rapid growth as the industry grows and rising numbers of coins and tokens require platforms to launch. The Platform basket holds 20% of its value equally among the Top 5 platforms at the time of issue



Exchanges have seen enormous volume as the industry has developed, and it is not simply limited to the purchase and sale of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin market dominance declines, many alternate coins have seen huge volume and a large portion of this trading volume has been between Bitcoin and alternate coins as opposed to cash and alternate coins. Volatility has also driven volume to new highs.

Our Exchange parcel offers clients exposure to some of the largest exchanges, and decentralised exchanges in the industry. The Exchange basket holds 25% of its value equally among the Top 4 exchange tokens at the time of issue

Decentralised Capital are able to facilitate purchases of any parcel as a same day service, as well as provide ongoing management and secure storage of any parcels purchased.

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