Our pricing is extremely competitive and often under market. We are well connected with wholesale liquidity providers, cryptocurrency mining operations, large investors, and a broad range of exchanges which allow us to obtain the best price available at the time of trade.

Our OTC desk can quote live prices over the phone, and instantly lock your trade in with settlement terms of between 3 and 30 days.


Our wholesale liquidity providers and partner networks deal with liquidity well over $1bn per week, allowing us to trade any volume quickly and easily. We are able to quickly execute trades of up to $10m for verified clients of Decentralised Capital, and execute larger buy and sell orders of up to $1bn or more over an agreed time schedule


Registering as client of Decentralised Capital is easy and quick through our compliance team. As a reputable trading operation we are compliant with Austrac, and ASIC and complete KYC and AML checks quickly and efficiently for all clients to allow for immediate trading.

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Buying cryptocurrency on an exchange can be tedious, and storing it is often technically complex and risky. For security reasons you should never hold your cryptocurrency on an exchange, there are various examples over the past few years where exchanges have been hacked, or collapsed, taking investors cryptocurrencies with them.

The safest way to hold cryptocurrency is on a Cold Wallet, essentially a small device which is not connected to the internet and protected by password. Cold Storage can not be hacked, and even if lost can be re-created with a recovery phrase.

Decentralised Capital offers Cold Storage set-up as an additional service for all clients, we can set up your Cold Storage device and deliver your coins to you ready to go on Cold Storage. We can also discuss management of your device if you do not have a safe place to keep your cold storage wallet.

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