Physical, vaulted, audited, insured, private, decentralised, and redeemable.  xbullion is the world's first institutional grade gold bullion blockchain allowing for direct transfer, from one party to another, without going through a financial institution or intermediary.  

BDO Blockchain


BDO are offering the world's first comprehensive blockchain audit service with the purpose of providing reputable independent oversight, enhancing investor confidence in blockchain assets. BDO are offering three types of blockchain-centered audits - Financial Audits, Asset/Ownership Audits and Smart Contract Audits.



 Delivery of Zipmex Australia, an Australian based Digital Asset Exchange, and the home of the xbullion web portal.



Decentralised Custodians is Australia's first cryptocurrency vault offering insurance - servicing exchanges, funds and private clients.



Request a quote to sign up instantly. Our OTC desk will contact you to fast track KYC approval and have you set up to trade instantly. Our global network of wholesale OTC providers, funds, private investors, and mining partners means we can obtain competitive pricing and settle same day on trades up to $10 Million 

ICO Advisory


Decentralised Capital has the expertise to develop asset backed blockchains from whitepaper, legals, compliance, funding, smart contract development, and exchange introduction to launch